What an MSP Can Do for Real Estate Management

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When this year’s pandemic struck, the world economy went into a deep recession. According to some sources, it’s the worst recession we’ve seen since World War II, and it affected every industry under the sun. The real estate industry, and subsequently property management, was no exception.

More and more companies encouraged employees to work from home, leaving commercial office buildings empty. To facilitate remote work while staying on top of demands to manage daily operations, real estate is seeking better software solutions that incorporate the challenges of the future. With a look at these challenges, we can find better solutions. 

Current Property Management Needs

The real estate industry has suffered a monumental blow; families are holding off from buying new homes, businesses are selling offices, and renters are moving back home with their parents. The industry is facing a lot of uphill battles. 

This is all the more reason why good IT consultant services are required to get the daily chores done as well as capitalize on growth potential. If real estate companies are looking for ways of better managing their sources, implementing an online management tool is recommended.

With more flexible, and better online support, managed service providers can plug the gap for your business by providing the technological support necessary as online network increases. Technology that incorporates automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more, will need the help of IT support to fix any inconsistencies.

Document Storage

Make sure that if you are using Dropbox, or other online document storage services, that you have secure methods of login verification set up. Even then, when you run out of space, a managed service provider can help give advice on the best ways and places to store your data so it’s secure and functioning.

When handling high stake cases, you cannot rely on low-level security services. An MSP on the other hand, has the means to implement updated security barriers such as data encryption, contemporary firewalls, regular server password changes, and malware detection. 

Multi-Branch Communication

If you’re a large real estate business, with many offices around the country or around the world, MSPs can provide an effective, safe, reliable communications service. For your devices, whether a tablet in the office, or a smartphone being used in a property viewing appointment, your employees can fully access documents and files whenever they need to. This goes across branches, and full integration is our policy, so your business behaves like one solid entity.

Employee Services

We know that the real estate industry is different from other areas, in that you can either give tours of properties in person, or with the need for less proximity and physical contact, you can promote your properties online by providing virtual tours. With a stronger online presence comes the need for stronger IT support to help troubleshoot any problems that might pop up with the adjustment to online services.

Software Upgrades

Perhaps most important of all, software upgrades are done regularly, and their integration is monitored to make sure everything was patched correctly. You rely on being autonomous, which is why providing a modern service that is always updated, should never mean downtime or delay. 

Our software is upgraded regularly but in such a way that doesn’t prevent normal business from occurring. Virus protection and malware detection are the two most important things in this regard.


A real estate business must be a well-oiled machine that is always detecting, and fixing issues. Our IT support service is aware that wireless connectivity is vital for mailing list management, support for individual machines, and new software integration. Our technicians manage the software to monitor your effectiveness in connectivity, and keep it running. 

24-7 Monitoring

In the case of monitoring, MSPs have systems that can monitor your network 24/7. This is one of our most basic services in ensuring that your business remains secure. 

Whether you’re a small firm, or a large corporation, if you don’t keep a pulse on the situation, you won’t be aware of any malfunctions that pop up. Proactively monitoring is recommended for your IT network to prevent any type of hiccup that might occur.

Don’t hesitate to contact a trustworthy MSP such as Novus Technology with any further questions, whether by email, website query or via our social media pages. We look forward to hearing from you!