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4 Tips to Keep Your Small Business IT Costs Down

IT costs - hands holding phone calculator on messy desk with charts, papers, and laptop

Maintaining a good budget for your company is an important way to ensure its success. One constant difficulty for businesses is determining how much to spend on each necessary business element. One category that is necessary for all modern businesses is IT expenses. While IT is an essential service, some companies may feel that they’re […]

5 San Diego Industries That Need Managed IT Support the Most

San Diego managed IT support for businesses across industries

In today’s technological age, many different industries in San Diego would benefit from improved IT and in particular, managed IT services. Some of these industries are listed below along with an explanation of how these industries could benefit from managed IT services. 1. Education The education sector is one industry that would greatly benefit from […]

How to Find a Security-Savvy IT Service Provider

man and woman examine servers - security-savvy IT service provider

As a business owner, you know that keeping your data and systems secure is paramount. But with the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity threats, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve. That’s where a security-savvy IT service provider can help. A security-savvy IT service provider company will have a team of experienced cybersecurity […]

Surveillance System Laws Every California Business Should Be Aware Of

Surveillance System Laws for California Businesses

Protecting your business with surveillance systems is a great idea. However, as a business owner in California, it’s important to be aware of the various surveillance system laws that apply to you. These laws dictate how and when you can use surveillance cameras in your business, and can vary depending on your location within the […]

Why Technology Integration is at the Heart of San Diego Businesses

Man doing repair on cloud computer

Technology integration in the modern age is the key to success. It allows businesses to connect with their customers and suppliers in new and innovative ways. It also helps businesses to automate their operations, which leads to increased efficiency and productivity. In addition, technology can help businesses to reduce costs and improve profits.  Businesses in […]

Cybersecurity Consulting Tips for Businesses with Remote Workers

Businesswoman working remotely in home office

Cybersecurity is a growing issue in the modern world. From smart TVs to technology for small businesses, cybersecurity and cybercrime show no sign of declining. According to Norton, there are upwards of 2,200 cyber attacks every day, but consulting with industry experts makes a difference. If you have a small business with remote workers, cybersecurity […]

Green Technology Practices Every San Diego Business Should Know

green business office

Did you know that San Diego is one of the top five most eco-friendly cities in the United States? Boasting a plan for 100% renewable energy and cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half, San Diego is leading the nation in green practices.  As part of this push for clean energy, San Diego businesses play an […]