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We’re committed to caring for small businesses by boosting their efficiency and productivity through our technology solutions. Learn more about our history and values!

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Our Story

Novus Technology Integration (NTI) was founded in 2009 under a different business name. President and CEO, Jonathan Lucky had been working in the software sales arena rounding out his skills as a technical expert. Holding IT tech and management positions in; Pharma, Healthcare and Software, he was ready to begin providing technical consulting to small businesses.

“I always had a passion for technology and in some way helping others. My last job was as a technical consultant and the goal there was to understand how small businesses operate. Sure, I knew how to set-up a server and network, but I didn’t necessarily know how to tie that to solving business problems”.

During the time period Mr. Lucky worked as a sales consultant, he met with over 300 business owners and began to understand the problems all businesses face when it comes to technology.

“I understood that businesses of course need technology and IT support but not necessarily all the overhead that comes with it. The cost of support staff, keeping up with IT security and updates along with a fast changing technical landscape were all issues small businesses face.”

That’s when NTI was created.

“Between 2009-2012 we only did traditional IT services. Consulting and break/fix were it. There was no proactive management, no managed services and the cloud was just emerging.”

NTI is a family owned and operated S-Corp. In 2012, Harold Beof joined the business and brought 20+ years of security integration, electrical and low-voltage experience.

“This was a game changer for us. With electronic security starting to touch IP networks this was a perfect fit for us and a space we wanted to be in”.

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NTI is heavily committed to working with small business to leverage technology to maximize productivity and efficiency.

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“We have gone out to find the best of breed products so that small businesses don’t have to. We believe in the products and approach so much that we use them internally and recommend them to our friends and family.”

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