How Microsoft Teams Keeps Construction Workers Connected

construction workers

The world is adjusting to a new normal, with social distancing, wearing masks, and remote work being the main focus for safety. With more and more companies turning to safer environments, construction included, staying connected is not always easy. Maintaining communication between those on-site, and those in-office was a challenge before, but now it requires even more IT support to retain that measure of virtual communication.

To keep a safe construction business running, it’s important to find a good IT company for construction which can maintain your internal IT infrastructure. Remaining connected during difficult times is a must, which is how Microsoft Teams has been put to the test. 

Some teams in Boston are using Microsoft Teams to collate on-site information for workers from temperature checks, to COVID-19 check-in questionnaires. With a group of workers on a construction site working closely together, temperature checks are a quick way of testing for symptoms, and implementing check-ins as well. 

Team channels help you to get the information that you need to your workers, and as a company, to implement the changes to your health safety protocol. With more internet video calls, and safety procedures, managed IT services are supporting industries behind the scenes as more efficient, safer methods of communication are implemented.

Real-Time Communication

Microsoft Teams can help your business host meetings, present designed documents to clients, and consolidate your communication platform. All of these can be done remotely, which enables you to continue your business efforts. 

As most companies have their work cut out for them with regards to keeping teams engaged, while Microsoft Teams is helping them to step-up their communication platform. It used to be something considered for the office, but it can also be used for on-site work as well. Microsoft Teams, along with Zoom, and other virtual platforms have really grown since the beginning of the pandemic in facilitating remote work.

With communication in real-time, Microsoft Teams has allowed office staff to remain connected to those on site through many different methods. Providing your front-line construction workers with the right tools to communicate is the way forward in business. It’s a straightforward way to keep a business running properly, and the communication secure. Good communication on a construction site is about more than being efficient, it’s also a way to ensure safety.

A Customized Experience

Microsoft Teams is keeping construction workers connected to their office staff and allows access from a variety of devices as needed. Companies choosing to use Teams are able to enjoy a better experience when they use the phones as provided by their IT team. 

The Right Managed Service Provider

With construction teams able to communicate with their office counterparts, they need a strong IT team behind them to make it work. Technical communication must have sufficient support, and this is found with the right managed service provider. With the best IT company in San Diego for construction on your side, you can ensure that your teams are connected and working together at all times. 

It’s one thing to have the right amenities to support communication, but it also requires technological support behind that. Once you have professional services providing for your technological infrastructure, you can in turn provide a more reliable service. This improves employee productivity and engagement, customer satisfaction, and you can share what has worked for you with others in the industry.

The best use of technology from a good managed service provider will ensure that you are able to remain connected to your construction team. At Novustek, we can offer your business the support you need and the managed IT services to enable you to communicate to all teams—remote or not. 

Give us a call and we can work together on a plan to better integrate your work communication. Don’t hold back from providing the best service available to your construction business.