Preparing for 2022: Computer Security Tips for Small Businesses

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With a new year approaching, computer security experts worldwide have been scrambling to determine the most pressing security risks for 2022. A record number of cyberattacks have continued to terrorize organizations. Every tech-savvy business understands the threat of cyberattacks, but not every company has the resources to manage security threats internally. 

How do you prepare for cyberattacks without breaking your budget? You’ll save money in damages by maintaining a robust computer security system, but you need to know your enemy first before you can successfully protect your data.

The Future of Cybersecurity Risks

According to industry experts, you should be aware of these 2022 cybersecurity risks:

  • Software vulnerability
  • Evolving penetration tools
  • Unprotected Wi-Fi from remote work

As software programs become more complex and employees work from home, cybercriminals have more opportunities to attack your business from the outside. These risks can lead to severe damage if you don’t take steps to strengthen your cybersecurity.

Upcoming Computer Security Threats for Small Businesses

Experts predict that these cyberattacks will threaten businesses worldwide in 2022:

  • Undetected malware
  • Increased ransomware attacks
  • Deepfake phishing attacks

As cybercrime grows, protect your business against these potential threats. Carefully verify people online and install reputable security software. Here are five tips to prepare your computer security for 2022: 

5 Computer Security Tips for Small Businesses

1. Determine Your System Vulnerabilities

As cybercriminals evolve their attack methods, small businesses must regularly evaluate their computer security.

Common cybersecurity vulnerabilities include the following:

  • Weak passwords
  • Unprotected Wi-Fi access points
  • Unnecessary account access to sensitive information

Many computer security vulnerabilities are related to a lack of layered protection. We recommend keeping important information password-protected and limiting your employees’ account privileges as necessary. 

2. Update Your Security Software

Keep your security software up-to-date. Software builders will update as they find bugs, which means that updating your software prevents hackers from taking advantage of these bugs. Your business may become an easy target for opportunistic hackers without updated security software.

3. Establish a Digital Signature

Create a digital signature to reduce external security threats. Digital signatures ensure sender authenticity. While digital signatures aren’t invincible, they can provide an extra layer of protection for your business’ data.

4. Consider 24/7 System Monitoring

IT support can prevent cyberattacks as they happen. The most secure solution to computer security threats is 24/7 monitoring. This vigilance improves your odds for a quick response to serious threats.

We recommend hiring an established and reliable IT company for 24/7 protection.

5. Contact Reliable IT Support

If you want to feel secure in the safety of your business, consult cybersecurity experts for the constantly changing trends and threats in computer security.

Managed IT services are affordable for small businesses and help secure your system. 

Protect Your Business

Contact Novustek for managed IT services and consulting in San Diego. Your small business can have the safety of reliable IT services that won’t break the bank. Our computer security experts are here to help you and your business prepare for the new year.