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Microsoft Is Now Testing Ads On All Windows 11 Devices

Windows 11 - business man using a secure mobile device

Testers for Windows 11 frequently discover new functionality that Microsoft wasn’t quite ready to reveal. Occasionally, this entails digging out a fresh Task Manager or new File Explorer tabs. Additionally, it can occasionally result in you browsing your own locally saved files and seeing adverts for other Microsoft products. When accessing his Documents folder in […]

Microsoft Launches New Cloud Security Services: What This Means For Your Business

cloud security - image of Microsoft office

New cloud security measures were presented by Microsoft today at its Ignite conference. Currently in public preview, the new apps will initially integrate with GitHub and Azure DevOps before moving on to other products in the Microsoft 365 suite. According to Shawn Bice, Microsoft’s CVP for cloud security, the new apps, Defender for DevOps and […]

T-Mobile Data Breach: How it Happened and What Business Leaders Need to Know

a man holding a smart phone representing T-Mobile data breach attack

The recent T-Mobile data breach is a powerful reminder of how important it is to keep our personal information safe and secure. T-Mobile, one of the biggest telecommunications organizations in the US, was hacked again, exposing the sensitive information of more than 50 million current, former and prospective customers. What Happened with T-Mobile? If you’re […]