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San Diego’s construction industry is booming, and along with increased business comes greater technological needs to manage their growing workloads.

At Novustek, we have worked with several construction companies in the San Diego area and are well-equipped to offer the technological support you need. We understand that you have specific industry needs that require top-notch IT expertise, and we have positioned ourselves as one of the top MSPs in the area to help you achieve your goals.

Managed IT and Consulting


Our managed IT services are uniquely designed to keep your company running at full efficiency around the clock as well as protect your business in the event of an IT disruption.

Video Surveillance and Card Access

Construction sites are often vulnerable to unwanted intruders and other security issues such as stolen or damaged equipment. With our advanced video surveillance and card access solutions, you can better protect your worksites and tools.

  • Video cameras are installed and surveilled at all times. If there is any motion in the area, the cameras will detect it and alert us, and we immediately alert you in turn.
  • Our IP video solution will alert you right away when an alarm is triggered. The alert can be sent to you in any location.
  • We use Kantech card access so you can make sure only people you trust have access to certain buildings, worksites, and more.
  • We have enhanced security integration, which allows you to gather more accurate evidence for potential police cases if needed.

Electrical Projects and Services

As part of our IT services for construction companies, we offer electrical services that can help you improve efficiency and save money.

  • We work with our clients to meet their budget, but not sacrificing aesthetics or quality when it comes to LED upgrades.
  • We update load centers and subpanels to help you maintain the equipment you run, save money on electric bills, and keep your office or construction site safe.
  • We make any necessary coding corrections to help you avoid safety hazards.
  • We provide inspections, maintenance and recertify your E-Lighting & EXIT fixtures to ensure you meet the building safety codes and insurance carrier requirements.
  • With our experience in helping construction companies maintain safe and efficient worksites, we are confident we can help your business do the same. Learn more from our experts today about our technology, security, and electrical services for your construction company.

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