Product Review: TrackR™ bravo

This product review is a combined effort from one of our staffers, Ryan. This is a product that we now both use and has been a huge time saver.


It’s called TrackR™ and it’s that device you always wanted for when you lose your; keys, wallet, remote control, keys, fill in the blank… It connects with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Then via their app, you can locate your lost item or at least show you the last place it was within 30ft of your phone.


Who doesn’t lose there (fill in the blank) from time to time. This is a product that people have wished for since the beginning of time.


The device comes in several different models and sizes depending on the application. We’ve been testing using the TrackR™ bravo as part of our normal lives now. It’s about the size of a small wrist watch face and roughly as thick as 2 stacked quarters. It easily slides in behind my driver’s license and I don’t even know it’s there. It requires very little set up to start, it’s just a matter of downloading the TrackR™ app, setting up a profile, and synchronizing the phone or tablet and TrackR™ device via Bluetooth. It takes longer to open the package than to get it working. You can connect multiple devices whether it be your bag or purse, keys, wallet etc. Just about anything you can attach the device to it’ll keep track of it. With the app, you can see on a map when the last time you were within 30ft (average distance Bluetooth can reach). Then with a push of a button, it will attempt to signal the tracking device which makes the device ring so that you can locate your lost item. In terms of maintenance of the device you need replace the battery every few months and the app will even remind you when the power is low. There is a feature called CrowdGPS that uses other user’s GPS locations on the TrackR™ network to better find TrackR™ devices. This is pretty cool technology and worthy of a later post.


JL’s Experience:
So far, the the device has worked well. For instance, yesterday, I was running late for work, in my truck getting ready to pull out of the driveway when I realized I didn’t have my wallet. It could be anywhere… Panic stared to set in, I remembered my TrackR™ app, fired it up and swiped through my trackers to “JL’s Wallet” (I am tracking a few other important items), pressed the find button and waited… It seemed to be in my truck, but I couldn’t hear it. I stepped out out of the vehicle back towards the house and it told me I was getting farther away. I then realized I had left it in my jacket the day before which was in my truck… “Honey! Call of the search, crises avoided!”

Ryan’s Experience:
I don’t always lose my wallet as much as I did before because I’m trying to get better at remembering things like that in the morning but it gives me that piece of mind if I were to lose or misplace my wallet I can easily pull up the app and find it with accuracy without searching the entire house frantically.


The few times we’ve needed the service, it has worked well. We found a good deal on the devices right before the holidays and bought 10. The technology is really cool and the footprint is impressive. You can literally track anything for kind of cheap. Bluetooth has it’s limitations, but that’s where CrowdGPS comes in. Recent notification says there are over 2000 CrowdGPS users near my office, so there is a good chance to find your lost item, especially in a heavily populated area.

For more info: https://thetrackr.com/