No Cloud for Me, Thank You

I received a call from a small business owner the other day. Unfortunately, we were not his first call, but ultimately, we were his last.

He had been infected with ransomware, small shop, less than 10 computers with an email server on site. They were not existing clients, but I wanted to give them some info and point them in the right direction. A lot of times there is little we can do after an infection and he wasn’t sure about his backups. He had admitted fault for not staying on top of his updates, and security, and had even reached out to the banditos regarding paying the ransom.

See, the thing about getting infected, is that you’re going to pay the ransom one way or another. You’ll pay it to the bad guy and they may or may not give you the unlock key OR you’re going to pay it to the good guy to rebuild your environment. The best thing you can do is prevent the situation in the first place or at the very least, have a plan for what to do when you get infected. If you’re connected to the Internet and you’re not sure about your security, that’s the first place to start.

After pointing him to the “No Ransomware Project,” I made some recommendations about transitioning to cloud services to make his life a bit easier. Especially a SMB with an e-mail server in-house, that’s usually an unnecessary burden and very old school. BUT! That doesn’t mean it’s wrong. He wasn’t living under some rock the last decade and just learned of this cloud thing, it just wasn’t for him. So, we discussed what was necessary to maintain an environment like his, starting with prevention of things like these.

Ultimately, it’s the customer’s decision about infrastructure. My job is to present all solutions to a situation, and for some, “The Cloud” is not their cup of tea. What I find most interesting is that I’m hearing this a bit more lately. Businesses are scared and protecting their data is a major concern. The problem is; your data is just as valuable and maybe more than the data of a big company. Chances are, SMB’s don’t have the sophistication necessary to protect themselves and worse yet, the ability to recover.

It doesn’t have to be this way, there is a happy medium and more importantly, no one-size fits all. Curious on how we helped this customer? Shoot us a line.