How to Avoid Cybersecurity Sprawling

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Cybersecurity is a big deal for businesses in every industry, so if you’ve invested a lot of money into preventing cyberattacks, you’re not alone. After all, cyberattacks can cost a small business $200,000 on average. This is why companies often use a range of tools to protect their assets. But if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed […]

The Key to Biotech Success: the Right Management

When striving to run a successful biotech business, it’s vital to implement procedures that improve processes in order to help the business run more effectively. There are many influential factors to consider when striving for better communication and organization, but the key to a well managed team is making sure you have the right management […]

FireEye and SolarWinds Data Breach: News and Implications

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In light of the disastrous FireEye and SolarWinds data breach, companies around the world are desperate to improve their cybersecurity and avoid the same fate.  As the year that no one expected comes to a close, network management company SolarWinds is watching their worst nightmare unfold, the effects of a massive data breach that impacted […]

Why IT Managers are Enlisting MSPs for Help

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Businesses across all industries are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. From law firms to retail outlets, the digital age has taken everything online. Business owners rely on IT managers using all kinds of technology from cloud storage, to online collaboration solutions to customer relationship management systems. It’s common for businesses to have an in-house IT […]

What an MSP Can Do for Real Estate Management

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When this year’s pandemic struck, the world economy went into a deep recession. According to some sources, it’s the worst recession we’ve seen since World War II, and it affected every industry under the sun. The real estate industry, and subsequently property management, was no exception. More and more companies encouraged employees to work from […]

How Microsoft Teams Keeps Construction Workers Connected

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The world is adjusting to a new normal, with social distancing, wearing masks, and remote work being the main focus for safety. With more and more companies turning to safer environments, construction included, staying connected is not always easy. Maintaining communication between those on-site, and those in-office was a challenge before, but now it requires […]

Why Your IT Should Include Business Continuity and Service Continuity

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In the midst of a global pandemic, many businesses have unfortunately found themselves woefully unprepared, especially in the area of IT. While some businesses had continuity plans that somewhat prepared them for remote working, others found that their IT providers didn’t have the resources necessary to continue supporting them during the changes caused by COVID-19. […]