What an MSP Can Do for Real Estate Management

When this year’s pandemic struck, the world economy went into a deep recession. According to some sources, it’s the worst recession we’ve seen since World War II, and it affected every industry under the sun. The real estate industry, and subsequently property management, was no exception. More and more companies encouraged employees to work from […]

How Microsoft Teams Keeps Construction Workers Connected

The world is adjusting to a new normal, with social distancing, wearing masks, and remote work being the main focus for safety. With more and more companies turning to safer environments, construction included, staying connected is not always easy. Maintaining communication between those on-site, and those in-office was a challenge before, but now it requires […]

Why Your IT Should Include Business Continuity and Service Continuity

In the midst of a global pandemic, many businesses have unfortunately found themselves woefully unprepared, especially in the area of IT. While some businesses had continuity plans that somewhat prepared them for remote working, others found that their IT providers didn’t have the resources necessary to continue supporting them during the changes caused by COVID-19. […]