5 Back to School Cybersecurity Tips

The excitement, wonder, and anxiety of back to school season is upon us. Here our 5 cybersecurity tips to keep you, your loved ones, and their devices safe from cyber threats.

5 Back to School Cybersecurity Tips:

If you are a parent, you probably have a few devices that your kids use to get on the internet, connect with friends, complete homework, etc.. Entrusting a young child with their own mobile device can evoke some conflicting emotions. Children are excited and eager, while parents must be protective yet trusting. The best way to ensure a happy balance and to avoid the dangers looming on the web is to follow some key principles. MalwareBytes has put together a great list of cybersecurity tips, and these were our favorites:

  1. Ensure devices have updated security software and tools installed
  2. Use multi-factor authentication when possible
  3. Make sure you update software, firmware, and anti-malware definitions regularly
  4. Lock your computer and devices when you are away for short time
  5. Think about physical security – theft, loss, or destruction, and have a plan for it